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Time Zones

For Kids: Time zones are regions of the world that have the same time on their clocks, provided the clocks are set to the proper time for their time zone and the clocks are working.  Everyone is the same time zone observes the same time. There are 24 time zones in the world, one for each hour on the clock.

Various parts of the United States fall in different time zones. Four time zones are in the continuous 48 US states. Alaska and Hawaii fall in different time zones. Guam and other territories are in yet another time zones.

People in a different time zone from where you are have a different time on their clocks. They might be a couple hours behind you or a couple hours ahead of you, or even be on a different day. It depends on what time zone they are in.  

For example, if it is Sunday afternoon at 3 pm in Seattle, Washington, it is already Monday morning at 7 am in Tokyo, Japan and kids are in school or on their way, because of the difference in time zones.

It is especially important to keep your eye on time zones when you are traveling. It can get quite confusing. That is why a time zone converter is very useful.

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 Writing about Time 5th 6th Grade Have students write about time by researching and answering these questions. What caused the need for standard time? Why is it important to tell time? What is the purpose of time zones? Where is precise time used daily? Why do TV stations list times for a show as different times? (8:00 Eastern /7:00 Central) Why do we have Daylight Savings Time? When does it start? Who suggested it? (From Telling Time on the Railroad)

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Note: US Time Zone Map above from Wikipedia

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