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A map is a drawing. Its basic purpose is to show where things are. A map might show physical features such as a forest or a lake. It might show things that cannot be seen like a boundary line or the temperature outside. A map can show anything you want it to show. Most maps are flat. If a map is displayed on a round surface, it is called a globe map.

There are five major parts of a map.

  1. Map Title - This is important so you know what you're looking at
  2. Map Key - The key tells us what different symbols, colors, and lines on a map mean.
  3. Compass Rose - This shows us directions on a map. Example: north, south, east, west
  4. Scale - Scale shows what a distance on a map is actually equal to the distance on Earth. For example, a map might state 1" equals 1,000 miles. If something on that map is 6" long, that would equal 6 times 1,000 or 6,000 miles.
  5. Grid - These are the longitude and latitude lines.

The best way to understand what is on a map is to see one. Click on the links below.

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