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Map Skills


Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Lines, Maps, and Globes

Understanding Types of Maps 

Weather Maps

Maps & Mapmaking

Map Projections

Mapskills (PowerPoint)

Maps ("lesson" is the powerpoint, plus more)

Latitude and Longitude (several) 

 Mapping It Out

Climate change, mapping technology

Map Elements

Map Symbols & Grids

Maps: A Useful Tutorial

What is a Map?

Compasses and Directions (several)

Maps Lesson



Discovering the World Through a Map

Home Address on a Map

United States Map at a Glance

Map Skills for First Grade

Map Skills in 2nd Grade

Latitude and Longitude

Topographic Maps

Features and Elevations

General Map Review

Using Map Scale

Practicing Elevations

Green River Topographic Map  

Primary Resources Geography

See Also: Overviews, Geography Index

For Kids

Map Skills Games for Kids 

Geography Games

For Teachers

Lesson Plans for Map Skills 



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