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Map Skills


For Teachers

Maps and Globes, Where in the World Are We

What on Earth is a Map a Globe

Using Maps and Globes

Maps & Geography

Can-Teach Map Lesson Plans

Map Skills Lesson Plans - 10 day unit

Maps & Mapping Lesson Ideas & Activities

USA: Geography Enhanced through Tall Tales UNIT

Map Symbols

Latitude and Longitude

Compasses and Directions

Mr Brown's Cyber School (map links)

PBs - Map Skills

Free Map Skills Presentations

Xpeditions lessons activities on maps (National Geography)

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format about Map Skills & Map Symbols

See Also: Maps, Map Symbols, Overviews & Huge Sites, Geography Lesson Plan Index

For Kids

Map Skills Games & Activities

Prime Meridian, Equator, Hemispheres

Latitude and Longitude (flash)

Time Zones, International Dateline

Additional Resources

Maps of War (animated)

Free Clipart & Maps